Friday, 2 April 2010

A Whole Set of Youtube Interviews!

Hey, Andrew here.

The Youtube channel 'YouMaketheMovies' have conducted and uploaded a series of interviews with several members of the Primeval crew - co-creator Adrian Hodges, director Cilla Ware, Composer Dominic Scherrer, Runner Alana Hurd and Casting Director Gill Travellick.

It's nice to finally put a face to the names we see in the credits all the time!

Now, in the Adrian Hodges video, we get flashes from the script of an unknown episode. The script pieces are quite legible. This may not be an actual script, but if it is, then it's obviously a spoiler. These particular pages don't give away much about the ongoing plot, though. Don't expect to see what happened to Connor and Abby, for example.

If you don't want to hear any more about the script extracts, stop reading...

OK, so the script extract describes an early creature attack... on a submarine! And the creatures are... pliosaurs! A whole pod of pliosaurs. As for the regular characters, we get a couple of lines from Danny, but they reveal very little about his situation. So that's our first creature confirmed!


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