Thursday, 22 April 2010

Andrew Lee-Potts Interview with Chicago Now

Andrew here. Yet more thanks to the eagle-eyed Luckyhannah25, who spotted this recent ALP interview. Not much new is revealed, apart from "there are definitely going to be more nods toward Connor becoming more like Cutter." Here's the whole thing:

Tell me some secrets.
[Laughs.] I can't tell you anything. Obviously, they're going to keep pushing--a lot of things happened in the last series; i.e., losing our lead character. You've got to be a bit clever to survive in 'Primeval' because they like killing people off quite a lot. But that's their way of keeping it really super fresh, and you actually never know. And nobody's really safe. But yeah, I will--can I say--will I--no, I can't.

Well, we know that you have to come back from the past. Last we saw Connor, Abby and you guys were all stuck in the past.
Yeah, but when do we come back from the past? That's the only thing I'll say.

All right. That works.
You don't know how long we've been there, and that might be a key thing.

Ahh. OK. Fans are genuinely excited to hear the good news.
It's like it is what it is, and yeah, it's a family show and stuff, but I genuinely think ... it's actually really entertaining. It's got a lot for everybody in there, and I think it doesn't patronize. We have a bit of fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but just seriously enough. I think the balance of things in the show, I think they always get right. Well, obviously I'm going to say that, because I'm a big "Primeval" fan. So yeah, it's all about making it better every time, and that's what we keep trying to do.

In the three seasons so far, Connor's gone from sort of being a goofball nerdy guy to a hero.
An accidental hero, I suppose, yeah.


Andrew-Lee Potts credits his former co-star, Douglas Henshall (right), with making "Primeval" a success.

The last season, when team leader Cutter died and Connor's reaction was very cool. Was it hard to film that knowing that actor Douglas Henshall was leaving the show?
Yeah, it was really hard to film. Yeah, it was really hard to film, because me and Dougie were really close. I've said this before, he was very similar to Cutter off-screen as well. It's just the respect--I really respect his work and his opinions and the way he goes about his life.

And in my opinion, if it wasn't for Dougie, the show would have been nowhere near as good. God, it's funny, because they talk about Abby [being] people's favorite character--all this, that and the other. People might not realize how much Dougie, I think, anchored the entire show, because it was his belief in it, his belief in coming from the serious actor side, and the professor side of the story line. I think that made the show somewhat plausible in the ridiculousness of the "Primeval" world. I really respected that.

I suppose, in a way, I am the character to carry that on now, so there are definitely going to be more nods toward Connor becoming more like Cutter.

Everybody else is back, right, who we ended up seeing at the end?
I can only confirm that Hannah is coming back as Abby and Jason is coming back as Danny. Those are the only people I can confirm.

And you.
And I'm coming back. I'm there. They can't get rid of me.

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  1. I agree. I missed Douglas Henshall after he left. He was really a central role for me. I know they're just trying to keep the show fresh by bringing in new people, but the original cast is what kept my attention. I'd lose interest if they cut Connor or Abbey.