Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Le Connor Temple

Yesterday another connor picture was brought to our attention, but since we dont want to post every thing every day, we thought it best we leave it for another day...well, its better to have something everyday then a handfull of things in one day. Unless its extremely important of course!

So below you will find a new connor temple picture!

There we have it!

Leave those comments!


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

An advance on the filming info...

Hey, Andrew here.

As reported yesterday, filming on Primeval's Series 4 is now underway in Ireland. Today, the guys over at Geek Syndicate have got an exclusive statement from Primeval co-creator Adrian Hodges confirming this:

Yes, I’m delighted to say we started shooting last Monday and the other details as reported on digital spy are pretty much right so far as casting and timing goes. Needless to say I’m delighted we’re back in production – it’s been a hard and bumpy road to these new series but we’re glad we got there, as the show is doing better than ever worldwide and in my opinion has a long way to run. I can’t say too much about the new series yet, but I can say that while we’ll be retaining our “creature of the week” series format, we’ll also have a strong serialised element that will run right through both series 4 and 5 with a major revelation about the mystery behind the anomalies coming in episode 7 – which will be the climax of series 4.

I'm personally excited about the whole "serialised element" that'll be showing through in the new series. I'm not sure enough to guess at it yet, but if you have any ideas, feel free to suggest them in the comments!

Also, for those fans of Doctor Who, Geek Syndicate have posted pictures of the interior of the new TARDIS, as well as linking the Radio Times page with the full set.


Monday, 29 March 2010

What a difference a day makes!

Well, we have barely had this blog up 24 hours when not one but TWO bits of primeval news emerge!

To begin with we have an article here

Which includes NEW cast members and the RETURN of someone, a male and ye shall find out!

Then onto something a little more...a possible CONNOR picture, yes....CONNOR. Now, we cant say for sure this is actually connor but, you never know. But please people, i do beg of you not to go hounding andrew! He has as much right to his privacy as we all do, this is not gotten through people snooping around and prying.

Ok, so the pro connor points: The outfit....check end of series 3. Its the same!
Connors ring necklace, Check!
The area he's pictured in, not exactly normal is it?
Facial hair. If we're to take info from the above article, it states how the series catches up on the team several months after they went missing, well it stands to reason that connor wouldnt shave, so....facial hair!

Con Connor points [i like that haha]: They only started filming 22nd march, could this be to soon to have a picture? or would he even be allowed to post it up where it can be found?

Please leave your thoughts on the above two items!

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Welcome to The Primeverse

Hello and welcome to the world known as the Primeverse Blog.

If your here it means one thing, you like primeval and what better place to be then here? This blog is just your first taster of whats to come, there will be another bigger and better project coming in the summer....It will go hand in hand with this blog, so you'll need to stick here for updates on that

I guess you may be wondering why theres a blog now, well if your not then you should be. Its just a place to get primeval back into peoples minds, to the forefront of peoples minds! Myself and a few other bloggers will post every so often about this and that, it may just be chat or a rant about a previous episode....or, news about series 4 or 5!

Of course in the meantime if you have anything you want us mad primeval lot to rattle on about then you can comment below, any questions for us just ask away.

Well, i guess thats the introductions done, no heavy posting today about primeval as this is just the first post, but as said above, you can comment us with anything, any ideas maybe for what we could talk about, maybe you even have a question or have heard a rumor? Well we'd be happy to find out for you if its true or false, any previous episode queries welcome too.....just anything primeval related!

Thats me over and out for today

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