Thursday, 8 April 2010

More on the Cast

Adrian Hodges has talked to TotalSciFiOnline following the Primeval press release, giving further details on the new cast members, including the full name of the new team leader, and a few more tidbits.

Speaking exclusively to Total Sci-Fi, co-creator Adrian Hodges said he was delighted with the additions to the cast, including Ciarin McMenamin, who played the older David Copperfield in Hodges’ adaptation of the Dickens novel for BBC Classics, as new leading man Matt Anderson.

“He is a wonderful actor with an enigmatic, heroic quality that fits his character really well,” Hodges said. “Matt is a man with a lot of secrets and I think Ciarin is terrific at being both heroic, accessible but also just a little bit mysterious.”

Former Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Alexander Siddig joins as Philip Burton, the co-runner of the ARC with Ben Miller’s James Lester. “It's a real coup for us to get such a fine actor in this important part and I think he's going to bring a lot of quality to the show. It's a joy to be working with him,” Hodges notes.

Playing Jess, the new head of operations at the ARC, is Irish actress Ruth Kearney. “She is a new face – Primeval is her first TV job – and as the character of Jess I think she's gong to be a lot of fun. She has a fresh, lively quality which is lovely and she's also very funny.”

Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee-Potts and Ben Mansfield will be reprising their roles as Abby, Connor and Becker, with Hodges telling us that he’s “also really glad that one or two important faces from the past are going to be returning during the series. Stand by for surprises...!"

So, to sum up what we know about the new characters:
  • CiarĂ¡n McMenamin is to play Matt Anderson, the new field leader. He's an ex-soldier and zoologist, with "an uncanny ability to understand animals." He is "a man with a lot of secrets", and there is a "real reason" why he joined the ARC.
  • Ruth Kearney will play Jess, an "unconventional", "highly efficient and organised" woman who now runs operations from the ARC control centre, and has an unrequited crush on Captain Becker.
  • The ARC is now jointly run by Lester and charismatic scientist Philip Burton, played by Alexander Siddig.
  • Ben Miller, Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee-Potts and Ben Mansfield are all confirmed to return as regulars, and Jason Flemyng for a few episodes. Still no mention of Laila Rouass, though.
  • "One or two important faces from the past" are to return to the show. We already know that James Bradshaw (Duncan) is to return, but who else?


  1. Why hasn't there been any mention of Sarah Page's character? I heard somewhere that the actress who plays her will be appearing on a different series, but I'd really like to get some confirmation from the Primeval higher-ups. I hope we won't have to lose yet another major character!

  2. Laila Rouass (who plays Sarah) is to appear in the next series of Spooks, and it does appear strange that her name hasn't been mentioned so far in any of the press. After all, the cast were forced to find new work after news of the cancellation, and it's possible that Laila couldn't get out of her new commitments.