Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New series info in SFX

Forum member xhannahandandrewx has kindly transcribed a short article in the latest SFX magazine:

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It seems 'what happens in the Cretaceous, stays in the Cretaceous' because when Connor and Abby return to the present after a year stuck in the past they're a bona fide couple - about bloody time. Then again, surviving by eating grubs and running away from dinos will do that to folk. Finding themselves back in the present working and living together puts a strain on their romance, but at least there'll be plenty of creatures on hand in case they want to vent their frustrations with a tranquiliser gun. Who needs relationship counsellors anyway?

Soldier, Soldier
New boy Matt Anderson (Ciaran McMenamin) will have his work cut out filling the ample shoes of Cutter and Danny, but as the new ARC field leader his mix of brains, brawn, charisma and sense of adventure should see him quickly win over the team. We're told he's joined the ARC operation for his own purposes, and with a bit of mystery surrounding his past - not to mention an innate understanding of animal psychology - its unlikey he's there just to make up the numbers.

New Girl In Town
Newbie Jess (Ruth Kearney) runs operations from the ARC control centre, and her skill set includes computer wizadry, coming at problems from unusual angles, winding up Lester and flirting. The (unrequited, alas) object of her affections is the ARC head of security Becker, whos still nursing emotional scars about the loss of team members last year. Will she be able to break down his armour, we wonder?

Home Is Where The ARC Is
Its not only the team thats had a bit of a makeover. With the new-look facility now operating from within Burton's empire - an estate housing some of the greatest minds in the scientific world - its no surprise that theres plenty of tension with Lester as the pair tussle over whos really in charge.

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