Friday, 25 June 2010

Filming finishes; First promo pic

Behold the first promo pic for the new series:

...showing the new team, in what looks like the new ARC.

Also, filming on Primeval's fourth has finished, according to Digital Spy. That same article features a statement from Tim Haines on the new series:

The cast and crew have been brilliant and they have put in a huge effort over the past four months to deliver some amazing work. We have also been very lucky in that Dublin has afforded us some fantastic new locations and the fact that we've filmed in HD for the first time means that the production values are higher than ever.

The rough cuts I've seen are very exciting and I think we are going to deliver a show that will really please and delight the fans.

The following article also contains some new information on the new and returning cast, including something rather important. Spoilers for the new series ahoy.

"Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee-Potts, Ben Miller, Jason Flemyng, Lucy Brown and Ben Mansfield have all returned to the show."

Directions courtesy of forum member rex.

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